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If you have an appointment at a local doctors, medical centre, dentist or hospital on a weekday and find travelling by public transport difficult due to age, infirmity or disability, then Good Neighbours can provide transport to take you door to door. We can also provide car transport to attend local group meetings etc.

JNP Estate Agents sponser our helpline and they will reroute your call to the nominated telephone volunteer for that day. They will then contact our volunteer drivers and arrange for one of them to provide the transport, using their own vehicle.

Our service currently covers people who live in the villages of Hazlemere, Widmer End and Holmer Green. The majority of medical appointments will be local, but we will take users to Stoke Mandeville hospital. Regrettably we are unable to provide transport to Oxford or London hospitals.

We also run a door to door minibus service on a regular weekly basis to the Co-op at Park Parade, Hazlemere and to other local supermarkets. The Park Parade run is on a Wednesday morning and the run to the other supermarkets on a Thursday morning.

If you need transport to attend an appointment, then you can call our helpline on (01494 716363) between 10:00am and 1.00pm Monday to Friday. You will need to call at least 2 days before the appointment is due.


If you struggle to carry your shopping on public transport and would like to join one of our regular shopping minibus runs to Park Parade, Hazlemere or to one of the other local supermarkets, please contact our minibus administrator on 01494 711570 or use our contact us form.

Accessing other transport services

If you you live outside of the area we cover, then one of the following organisations, which provide transport services in or adjacent to our area may be of use to you: Penn & Tylers Green Village Care (01494 816909); Chiltern Dial-a-ride (01494 778400).


Request Transport

Anything marked below with a red asterisk is a mandatory entry. Please fill in the form and submit it to the staff of Hazlemere and Widmer End Good Neighbours transport team. If you successfully submit this form you will be taken to a Thank You page.


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