The organisation is a registered charity, we have no paid employees and none of our committee or other volunteers are paid for their time.

The donations we receive from car, minibus passengers and others are used primarily to cover the running costs of our minibus and other general administrative expenses such as telephone bills etc.

We also raise additional  funds by holding coffee mornings in two of the local sheltered housing sites and by providing refreshments at the Hazlemere Fete and at the local gardening show.

All of our surplus funds are retained towards the cost of changing our minibus for a newer and bigger version. In October 2015 our minibus permanently failed its MOT. So as an interim measure, until we can afford a new one, we purchased another s/h minibus from Age UK. This has reduced our seating capacity from 11 to 9, but it does have lift access for wheelchairs. We hope to raise sufficient funds to purchase a new bigger minibus by the end 2017.

In 2016 we did 189 minibus journeys on shopping trips, visits to clubs and other social outings, travelling some 2995 miles. Our current minibus is 13 years old and beginning, like some of us, to show it’s age !

So please donate what you can and help us to continue to expand this valuable service to the elderly and disabled in our community.


Recognising Partners

Hazlemere & Widmer End Good Neighbours are pleased to acknowledge the support it gets from other organisations. We are particularly grateful for the financial support from BucksCC in developing this website, and the continuing support of JNP estate Agents for maintaining our phone line. We are also very grateful for a donation from the Garfield Weston Foundation. The Hazlemere Co-op kindly donated it’s money for the sale of plastic bags in 2016 and we are very pleased to say it has chosen Good Neighbours as one of their fundraising partners for 2017.


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